Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Kindred

(c) Riot Games, collaboration with Jason Chan and Sanketh Yayathi.

It's that time again, when a League of Legends promo comes out and a bunch of the stuff I've been working on drops all at once. This time it's all for the Kindred, an eerie new champion centered around themes of life and death.

I was pulled onto the project a little late in development to help flesh out the campaign a bit more. The first thing we came up with was a video piece which I mocked up first as an animated GIF to proof the concept. Once it was approved, I made a bunch of assets with some help from Jason Chan and Kelly Aleshire. Sanketh Yayathi was the motion graphics artist who brought it all together.

Here are the assets I made for the video.

(c) Riot Games, Thanks to Kelly Aleshire for helping with the white bark rendering.

(c) Riot Games

I also had the pleasure to work on story illustrations. I only had a week to pull these together because of how tight the schedule was, but I'm relatively pleased with how they turned out despite the constraints. The illustrations are below, you can read the story here.

These are all graphite on bristol. I am really pleased to have been able to do some traditional drawing for League, and this is one of my favorite projects so far. Matt's story was phenomenally cool and it was a real pleasure to get to illustrate it.

Special thanks to my friend Anna for posing for these pieces, especially on such short notice. :)

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